is the Leading
Solution for
Verifying Safe
Indoor Airflow.

is the Leading Solution for
Verifying Safe Indoor Airflow.

is the Leading Solution for Verifying Safe Indoor Airflow.


For airborne pathogens like sars-cov-2, industry leaders and regulatory agencies continue to emphasize the increasing significance of ventilation, filtration, and engineering controls to reduce the risk of infectious airborne exposure at work, in school, And while occupying public indoor spaces.


SafeTraces’ aerosol tracer technology, veriDART™, mimics an infectious person’s cough/sneeze, allowing us to:

  • Identify how aerosols travel through your building(s) and measure their concentrations
  • Verify the efficiency/efficacy of your HVAC systems (ventilation, filters, etc.) to reduce the infectious aerosol spread
  • Produce cost savings by identifying your buildings’ targeted areas of concern prior to large capital investments


The veriDART™ technology can assist with compliance of the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare (29 CFR 1910 Subpart U) which requires hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; emergency responders; home health care workers; and employees in ambulatory care settings where suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients are treated to comply with improvements to their COVID protections, including plan preparation, ventilation assessments, and training.


The veriDART™ technology will assist clients in HVAC ventilation and filter assessment prior to occupancy or re-occupancy, including identifying hot spots and deficiencies with the HVAC system, verifying the efficacy of installation or remediations, and instilling occupant trust and confidence in building safety.


The veriDART™ technology will assess your HVAC system’s effectiveness in addressing indoor aerosols like COVID-19. When a ventilation and filter assessment is conducted prior to re-occupancy, hot spots and deficiencies with the HVAC system can be identified, the efficacy of installations or remediations can be verified, and occupant trust and confidence in building safety and workforce productivity are increased.


Community transportation and transportation networks are vital to our workforce, supply chains, and personal lives. To reduce the risk of disruption and improve infectious disease prevention, UES, in conjunction with SafeTraces veriDART™ aerosol tracing technology, can help ensure indoor air quality is optimized in community transportation settings including vehicle fleets and transportation hubs.


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  • Board Certified Industrial Hygienists
  • Certified Safety Professionals
  • Licensed Mold Assessors
  • Licensed Asbestos Consultants
  • USEPA and CDPH Lead-Based Paint Risk Inspectors and Assessors
  • Certified Environmental Managers
  • Licensed Radon Measurement Specialists
  • Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants
  • Council-Certified Microbial Consultants
  • AHERA Certified Building Inspectors, Management Planner, Project Designer, Supervisor, and Contractors