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Unveiling UES’ New Website

Over the last few years, dozens of companies have been thoughtfully weaved together to form one unified identity that is UES. In February of 2023 UES embarked on a rebranding journey, unifying Universal Engineering Sciences and its legacy companies under the single UES identity, complete with a modernized logo. This transition unfolded gradually throughout the year as each company embraced the new name and logo at its own pace. Today marks a significant milestone in this journey as we proudly present our new website – a platform that reflects our shared values and robust expertise in environmental and earth sciences, sustainable infrastructure solutions, and geophysical technologies.

The newly redesigned website serves as a visual testament to UES’ unity and expertise. Carefully crafted verbiage, a sleek and user-friendly design, updated projects, expanded services, a newly introduced markets section, and more collectively showcase UES’ commitment to excellence.


New Features

  • Updated copy across the entire site
  • New markets section highlighting the industries we serve.
  • Expanded projects section to better represent the scope of work UES provides.
  • Reorganization of services lines under our three core categories: environmental and earth sciences, sustainable infrastructure solutions, and geophysical technology.
  • Revamped community involvement page to better highlight the work our team is doing in communities throughout the nation.
  • A sleek, modernized design that better reflects UES’ position as a national industry leader.
  • Representation of all legacy companies and services
  • Mobile and user-friendly design

The culmination of our collective expertise, commitment to sustainability, and cutting-edge solutions is woven into every digital thread of this new platform. We invite you to explore UES’ new virtual space, as it’s a true testament to our shared journey as one UES. Thank you for being part of this transformative chapter and welcome to the new UES experience!  


Media Contact:
UES Communications Team
4205 Vineland Road, Suite L1
Orlando, Florida 32811