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UES Works for Me: Florida CSG on the Move

Marketing/Proposal Specialist on the Florida CSG (Commercial Sales Group) team, Valerie Murphy, working out of the FAST office location, recently had opportunity arise to relocate. Fortunately for her and definitely for UES, she was able to retain her position but begin working out of a different UES location. In her role, Valerie collaborates with various Florida branches and business development representatives to create and submit detailed proposals for new contracts.

Valerie joined UES in August 2021 and really enjoys her role but shared that, “I’d been thinking about moving for a while, and knew I wanted to stay with UES. I grew up in Florida, but my parents are Michiganders and most of my family is still up north. I was able to connect with our Midwest region and find a branch ‘home’ in our Cincinnati office. It took a lot of conversations – and a field trip! – to set up the details, but it’s wonderful to be within driving distance of my family. And I love knowing I’ll get all four seasons!”

“I love my Florida teams and the FAST crew, but I’m grateful to continue supporting Florida from the Queen City. It’s fascinating to watch UES grow, and I’m very glad we have so many offices! I appreciate everyone’s willingness to work with me – from HR and IT to regional presidents, managers, and branch leaders. When I’m asked where I work, I am always proud to say I’m part of UES!” We’re grateful, Valerie, to have you with team UES, wherever you are located!

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