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UES’ Commitment to Minimizing Environmental Impacts

Ensuring a healthy planet for many generations to come is one of the most pressing issues in society today for businesses and individuals alike, and each of us have a responsibility to do our part in protecting the planet. UES is proud to share that we’ve continued our commitment to corporate sustainability by renewing our Edenark Group ISO 14001 Environmental Sustainability Certification through 2023 for our FAST (corporate) headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

The Edenark Group ISO 14001 program allows companies to progressively improve at a pace that works for their specific needs, helps the organization define how it interacts internally, externally, and with the environment. It incorporates energy/waste/water, employee health and performance enhancement, community involvement, procurement and suppliers, compliance and regulations, emergency/security, and stakeholder engagement. Benefits include creating a culture of continual improvement, stakeholder engagement, lower costs, and committing to the improvement and protection of the environment for current and future generations.

While rebuilding from the impact of the pandemic, our team was able to fully complete seven sustainability projects in 2022, and have a number of projects that have been started since the beginning of the year. Completed projects include reduced energy consumption, increased air quality, reducing junk mail, consolidating orders to reduce shipping, and elimination of Styrofoam. At UES, we understand the impact that human activities and are proud of the efforts in which we are taking to minimize our impacts on the environment.

Want to learn more about UES’ green initiatives? Read more about our commitment to corporate sustainability here.

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