Safety First

Nothing we do at UES is more important than assuring the Health & Safety of our personnel and the protection of environmental resources. It is management’s priority to provide the necessary equipment, procedures, and training required for personal health and safety.

All employees/subcontractors, regardless of rank or position are empowered and expected to stop work when danger is imminent. UES aspires to continuously set the example in H&S performance by leading from the front.

— Gary Raia, Corporate Safety Officer

UES' Safety Committee Goals

  • Continuously strive for an injury-free workplace
  • Personal Safety & Health of every employee
  • Prevention of occupational injuries/illness over quality & productivity
  • Create a safety culture that all levels of the organization can participate in and support
  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility through material recycling programs, handling and disposal of construction fluids and aerosols, and vehicle maintenance to reduce harmful emissions

Our Experts

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • OSHA 500