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Safety First

STRIVE for Safety

At UES, there’s nothing that matters more to us than making sure our team members are safe and healthy, and that we protect our environment too. It’s not just a top-down priority – everyone, no matter their role, has the power and responsibility to stop work if there’s any imminent danger. We’re all in this together, and we want to lead the way when it comes to setting the bar high for health and safety performance.

Safety Training Involves Every Employee

OSHA Training

Environmental and drilling field staff and project managers can undergo the OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 40-hour training, where team members learn how to recognize, avoid and prevent safety hazards in the workplace and comply with OSHA’s requirements. They can also attend annual 8-hour refresher courses to keep their OSHA training up-to-date.

Workplace Training

UES also emphasizes workplace safety, with staff receiving First Aid training and safety training specific to their job. UES has developed a comprehensive Workplace Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan. All new hires receive initial safety training and employees receive refresher training through the online learning platform, as well as during company meetings. 


Drug & Alcohol Screening

All UES staff participate in pre-employment and random DOT drug and alcohol screening. Employees who work on certain client sites may also be tested at the client’s request.

Focus on Prevention Over Productivity

We firmly believe that the safety and well-being of our employees should never be compromised for the sake of productivity or quality. This principle is embedded in our culture and operations, where employees are encouraged to speak up about safety concerns without fear of reprisal. By prioritizing prevention and safety, UES aims to foster a work environment where employees feel valued and protected.