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UNC Chapel Hill McColl Building

Additions and renovations of the Kenan-Flagler Business School on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill are expected to be complete by 2026. Some of the features of the new building are new classrooms, which will double the teaching space and will have adaptable layouts for teaching styles, remote learning, and class size. The building will also feature a new entrance to the business school off Blythe Drive, new dining facilities, and dedicated art gallery space. 

UES provided a 3D Subsurface Information Model (SIM) and Utility Engineering (SUE) of the campus. The SIM model followed general accordance with ASCE 38-22 and utilized several geophysical techniques including GPR, RF, TDEM, and FDEM. In addition, UES provided a mobile laser scan of the site in order to give the below grade model context. 


Barnhill Contracting Company 


Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Geophysical Technologies