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NASA Headquarters Building Central Campus

UES is proud to be a part of this two-year, $64.8 million contract to demolish and build a seven-story new headquarters structure. The new building will be the centerpiece of what KSC calls the Central Campus, an initiative to replace aging Industrial Area facilities with more energy-efficient structures while occupying a smaller footprint. It will replace the center’s existing headquarters, a roughly 50-year-old building.

The new building will be an ultra-modern Headquarters Building; a seven-story, 200,000-SF structure. The building is being designed to house about 500 people. The new Headquarters Building will include numerous features to enhance its environmental efficiency and affordability. The total area of the construction site is 5.5 acres, including the building, parking, roadways and walkways. The building is a concrete frame with a steel frame roof and canopy. The building foundation consists of 390 driven piles on pile caps. Ancillary construction includes on-site and off-site sitework with paved parking/roadways. The on-site sitework includes the removal and replacement of nine feet of soil beneath the building pad. The off-site sitework includes drainage improvements in the central campus area.

UES provided a Certified Welding Inspector and Senior Engineering Technicians for Pile Driving Inspections, CAPWAP and WEAP Analysis, Static Load Test (Quick Load method), Moisture/Density Relationship (Proctor) Tests, Limerock Bearing Ratio Tests, Asphalt Extraction Gradations, Asphalt Core Thickness, and Density Tests, Concrete Test Cylinders, Concrete Monitoring, In-place density tests, and Floor Flatness Tests (using F-Meter)



Sarasota, FL


Geotechnical Engineering

Materials Testing

Field & Code Compliance