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I-277 Pedestrian Rail Trail

The Rail Trail Pedestrian Bridge provides a critical pedestrian crossing that will connect the Charlotte City Center to the South End neighborhood. The bridge will connect over 40 miles of bikeways into the city center, expanding the current 2,700 daily trips along the Rail Trial. The width of the bridge will be the widest part of the Rail Trial and have double arches that reach 40 feet in height. 

UES provided a 2D Subsurface Utility Map (SUM) and Utility Engineering (SUE) of the proposed construction of the new I-277 Pedestrian Rail Trail in Charlotte, NC in order to account for several design changes. The SUM model followed general accordance with ASCE 38-22 and utilized several geophysical techniques including GPR, RF, TDEM, and FDEM.


Thomas and Hutton


Charlotte, NC


Geophysical Technologies