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Herbert hoover dike rehabilitation

The Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation Structure Replacements project is a critical initiative aimed at addressing the urgent repair needs of the nation’s dams, with a particular focus on the Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD). Recognized as a top priority by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers since 2007, the HHD has received substantial funding for repair, making it the most funded dam construction project in the country.

To date, the project has achieved significant milestones, including the construction of over 21 miles of cutoff walls in Reach 1. These cutoff walls serve as an internal solution, eliminating existing piping and preventing additional erosion throughout the dike, foundation, and limestone layers. Each contractor involved in the project is required to demonstrate their process through a 500-foot test section, ensuring compliance with Corps specifications.

The construction of the giant wall reaches depths of up to 80 feet below the crest, extending into the foundation and reaching 5 to 10 feet below the limestone layer. Rigorous quality assurance testing occurs before, during, and after cutoff wall construction to ensure adherence to specifications.

UES, through its involvement in Task Orders #3, #7, and #8, has played a crucial role in providing quality control testing and inspections. This includes overseeing cutoff wall construction totaling 16,900 feet, 16,795 feet, and 3,340 feet in Task Orders #3, #7, and #8, respectively.

The broader project involves the demolition and removal of existing structures, such as Herbert Hoover Dike Culverts 12A, 2, 8, and 13. New water control structures, including S-274, S-278, S-268, S-272, and S-271, are being constructed at their respective locations. The reconstruction efforts involve the installation of cofferdams, cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundations, headwalls, culvert barrels with steel liners, and sheetpile scour cutoff walls.

Additionally, the project includes the installation of combination flap/slide gates, cutoff walls in the embankment centerline, reconstruction of embankments to match existing crest elevations, riprap installation, control buildings, and other essential components. UES’s involvement extends to quality control testing and inspections, ensuring the successful execution of these reconstruction efforts.

Furthermore, UES has actively participated in the construction of approximately 2200 linear feet of cutoff wall in Reach 1 of the Herbert Hoover Dike embankment. This specific effort addressed gaps around water control structures and involved both conventional cutoff wall and jet grout cutoff wall construction methods. The project encompasses comprehensive measures to enhance the dike’s structural integrity and protect against erosion, contributing significantly to national dam safety programs.


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