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Graves Road Interchange Design-Build

This project included the drilling of 148 borings to support the design-build project for the relocation of 2.3 miles of Graves Road, the widening of 2.2 miles of I-275, and the construction of a number of new structures including an interchange and bridge for Graves Road and I-275. 

The project included an expedited drill schedule and the utilization of multiple drill rigs. Borings were completed on I-275; on Graves Road; and on residential, farm, and commercial properties. Geotechnology coordinated utility locating with multiple agencies, obtained all property access permissions, provided drill rig access in wooded and sloping terrain with our own equipment and operators, and completed all restoration. The drilling included disturbed and undisturbed soil sampling as well as rock coring. All borings were completed in less than 2 months (October and November 2019), which allowed the project to remain on schedule. Geotechnology also quickly mobilized a drill rig to the site complete additional borings after a significant design change. All drilling was completed in general accordance with the KYTC
Geotechnical Guidance Manual. 


Palmer Engineering Company


Boone County, Kentucky


Geotechnical Engineering
Materials Testing