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Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Project

Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Project was the largest solar installation to date built on tribal land and was also the largeest solar PV project ever built for NV Energy. This 300-megawatt (MW) project was built on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, Nevada about 30 miles north of Las Vegas. The project was also part of NV Energy’s plans to retire a 254 MW coal-fired unit in a power-constrained region of Nevada at the end of 2021. 

Environmental permitting and compliance support services involved evaluating approximately 5,000 thousand acres with:

  • Surveys, health assessments, translocations, and reporting for federally protected species, including the desert tortoise.
  • Migratory Bird Surveys
  • Eagle and Raptor Surveys
  • Evaluation and permitting for disturbance of waters of the United States regulated under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act
  • Application to the Public Utilities Commission – Utilities Environmental Protection Act
  • Preparation of the Plan of Development for the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Preconstruction clearance of federally protected species
  • Biological monitoring during construction
  • Post-construction endangered species radiotelemetry tracking



Las Vegas, Nevada


Environmental Consulting