At the request of GDC Properties (owner), UES prepared a Georgia Hazardous Site Response Program (GA HSRA) and released a notification for the above-referenced facility. The release notification was required based on the presence of tetrachloroethene (PCE) within groundwater samples collected at the site above background levels.

The subject property consists of approximately 9.01 acres and is located at 3550 Centerville Rosebud Highway in Snellville, Georgia. At the request of Cantor Commercial Real Estate Lending, LP., EBI Consulting (EBI) completed a Limited Subsurface Investigation Report of the subject property. EBI was requested to conduct this work to evaluate the potential impact to the subject property from the dry cleaning tenant based on a recognized environmental condition (REC) identified in EBI’s (January 17, 2012) Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) report.

A drycleaning facility, Majik Touch Cleaners, has operated at the subject property since approximately 1995. This facility currently operates one hydrocarbon drycleaning unit that cycles Aliphatic Hydrocarbon as a cleaning solvent. This unit was reportedly installed in November 2011. Petroleum hydrocarbon dry cleaning solutions are less hazardous than PCE, and are designed as combustible liquids rather than flammable liquids for waste disposal purposes, and therefore, are not listed as hazardous waste.

The previous machine used at the facility was reportedly installed in 1995, and used PCE solvents. A total of seven soil samples and one groundwater sample were collected from the subject property and analyzed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (chlorinated solvents only).

PCE was detected in B-2 at a depth of 23 feet below ground surface (bgs) at a concentration of 1.54 micrograms per liter µg/L. PCE detected in the groundwater sample exceeds the applicable GA EPD HSRA standard which is any concentration above background levels in groundwater. This concentration is above the level that would require notification under the Rules for HSR, Chapter 391-3-19.

UES performed a water well survey for the surrounding properties.
UES successfully achieved Georgia Non-Hazardous Site Inventory status for this release at this facility.


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