Building Code Administration (Online Permitting)

UES helps many counties, cities, school districts, and universities outsource building department services to meet the fluctuating demands of the building industry. As part of our commitment to supporting your objectives, we tailor our support services to the exact needs of each government agency that we serve. From augmenting existing municipal operations to providing the entire staff needed to manage and operate every aspect of a building department, UES has the professionals and resources necessary to provide you with customized service.

Unparalleled Background and Experience

UES’ well-known experts are poised to shape the future of construction standard practices. With decades of experience, our code compliance experts are comprised of state licensed and ICC certified building officials, multi-certified inspectors and plans examiners, permit technicians, and licensed and registered architects and engineers.

Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Our highly qualified and experienced team can provide any jurisdiction with various building department services, including the following:


City of Belle Isle

Plan Review and Inspections

UES’ team of code compliance professionals leverages their knowledge of codes, laws, rules, regulations, directives, ordinances, and local amendments to deliver cost-effective and efficient plan review and inspections. With decades of experience in performing these services, we readily support municipal and educational institutions across the country.

Staff Augmentation

Our code compliance professionals provide support staff to augment existing operations, or the entire staff needed to manage and operate every aspect of a building department. With a rising demand for building permitting and inspection services, we have become the most reliable, cost-effective resource for government extension assistance. We are dedicated to improving your level of service to the community while reducing your costs.

Citizen Portal

Citizen Portal is UES’ cloud solution developed specifically to simplify permit applications, plan reviews and approvals, and the inspection processes.