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Just Call Us “UES”

For nearly six decades, Universal Engineering Sciences has been a leader in the areas of geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, building code compliance, threshold inspections and environmental consulting. Over the last several years our company has grown rapidly, adding more than 20 engineering firms to our nationwide portfolio of companies. We have made significant strides internally to unite these companies so that we function as one #TeamUES for our clients, however, externally our companies have marketed with numerous names. You may know us as Alpha, Contour, Geotechnology or a number of other names. But today, we are beginning a journey to officially rebrand the company as UES, including a new logo!

The new, modernized UES logo is simple and straightforward.  The shield represents the social contract we have to provide quality services and also represents protection, and dependability. The lines running through the shield are a graphic representation of UES’ multiple companies coming together on one path to serve our clients.

This rebranding effort will take time and each of our regions will transition at their own pace throughout this year. Our goal, however, is to have each of our companies adopt the new UES name and logo by the end of 2023. Even though our name is changing, we are committed to providing our clients with the same high-quality services and solutions they have come to expect from us over the last 60 years.

We are excited about beginning this new chapter in our company’s history!

Media Contact:
UES Communications Team
4205 Vineland Road, Suite L1
Orlando, Florida 32811