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How do you STRIVE? Featuring South Florida Estimator Manuel Ulloa York

We continue to celebrate our new company values: STRIVE, which represents Safety, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Integrity, Value, and Excellence. We are excited to share how those living our values across the company STRIVE in their roles. Today we hear from South Florida Estimator Manuel Ulloa York

“I strive to organize processes, share best practices, and lead by example while learning from others. There is a sense of SAFETY in numbers, and without TEAMWORK I wouldn’t be here, so I give back and try to stay organized and share knowledge with those around me in hopes of elevating and growing our firm. As an estimator, having RESPONSIVENESS to our clients’ needs, and showing INTEGRITY and VALUE in our services, ultimately leads to EXCELLENCE and a relationship with our clients that surpasses our competition.”

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