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Drilling Capabilities

UES’ drillers and drillers’ helpers are highly trained professionals with years of experience drilling through the subsurface materials. Our staff works safely and efficiently – all field personnel have 40 hours of OSHA HAZWOPER safety training, as well as First Aid/CPR/AED, Fire Extinguisher training, and more.

The variety in our fleet allows us to mobilize the right equipment and crew to your job site, meaning lower overall costs and increased efficiency no matter the size of your project. We offer:

  • Subsurface exploration equipment including truck and track-mounted drills
  • Direct push equipment (Geoprobe)
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Electric Conductivity/Hydraulic Profiling Tool (EC/HPT)

UES can meet your need for hollow stem auger, wire-line, coring, wash rotary and air rotary drilling with in-house crews and equipment.

Our ATV geotechnical drilling units allow us to work in most terrains, and in most weather induced ground conditions.

UES also holds geotechnical drilling contracts with DOTs across the country.

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Well Installation and Investigative Soil Borings 
UES routinely installs groundwater monitoring wells, soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells, air sparge (AS) wells, piezometers and environmental injection wells. UES also advances soil borings to collect samples for geotechnical and environmental investigations. Both wells and soils borings can be drilled using truck or track-mounted drills or direct push equipment, depending on our client’s needs and the site location.
Cone Penetration Testing 

Cone penetration testing (CPT) quickly provides nearly continuous soil profiles for geotechnical and environmental projects. CPT data are used to determine soil type, strength, compressibility, permeability, and many other properties. Our CPT system is equipped to collect standard parameters such as tip stress and sleeve friction as well as pore pressure and seismic wave velocity data.

Direct Push and EC/HPT

UES uses direct push sampling techniques to collect fast reliable soil samples. With Electrical conductivity and hydraulic profile testing (EC/HPT), we create continuous, real-time profiles of soil hydraulic properties, locate contaminant pathways and target zones for remedial material injection.