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Innovative Results for Digital Infrastructure

When shaping the future of data centers, UES is your trusted partner. We provide personalized engineering, environmental, testing and inspection services to clients across the United States, and play a critical role in supporting the development of data centers across multiple phases of the project’s lifecycle. With sustainability at the core of our approach, we understand that the modern world demands not only reliability but also environmental responsibility. Our data center solutions are designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency, ensuring that your data center not only performs flawlessly, but also contributes to a sustainable future.   

Contact us today and let UES serve as your trusted partner, as we work together to build a more sustainable future.

Support throughout your project

Our team of certified environmental and ecological experts investigate potential hazards and provide cost-saving solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of data center construction projects. From planning to construction to operations, you benefit from a national team of environmental specialists who understand the regulatory and permitting challenges and provide tailored and custom solutions. Our expertise in navigating federal, state, and local regulations ensures a streamlined permitting and compliance process that delivers efficient and cost-effective solutions to get your projects built.

UES conducts site investigations to determine the overall stability of the site. UES will identify project risks and mitigate potential settlement issues before construction begins. Our engineers review site reports and make valuable recommendations and alternative design suggestions.

Throughout construction, our professionals provide essential QA/QC monitoring to ensure the durability of the data center envelope and roofing systems.

UES offers special inspections as outlined by Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC), as well as construction materials testing services through our nationwide network of 60+ accredited labs. These services ensure that the data center is constructed in accordance with design documents and specifications.

We understand how important the foundation is to your data center’s performance. Our nationally recognized team of ground improvement and deep foundation experts can reduce the risks associated with soil and earthwork during construction. By engaging us early, our team can provide competitive advantages and prevent unwanted surprises.

Our team of engineers have experience with both large magnitude and complex floor loading conditions. As seen in left image, our team can model these conditions and provide remedial recommendations and foundation designs to accommodate these loads and sensitive equipment.

A Multifaced Approach
  • Specification Development
  • Construction Oversight
  • Final Certification & Permitting

Data center services

  •  Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Threatened and endangered species review
  • Wetlands delineation/mitigation
  • Historic properties/archaeological resources review
  • Water quality permitting
  • Storm water pollution and prevention plans (BMPs and NPDES)
  • Environmental health and safety training
  • Thermal & electrical resistivity testing
  • Air corrosivity testing
  • Title V
  • Geotechnical field exploration, testing, evaluation, and design
  • Peer review of exisiting reports and analysis
  • Remediation planning
  • Finite Element (FE) analysis for foundation optimization
  • Pre-check permitting, fiber, power and water supply
  • Shallow foundation design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Retaining structures design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Retaining structures design
  • Deep foundation designs
  • Ground improvement recommendations
  • Rock coring/lab testing – unconfined compression, rock quality designation
  • Load testing
  • Infiltration testing
  • Structural engineering
  • Half cell testing
  • Rebar detection
  • Relative humidity of concrete
  • Concrete coring and post construction compressive strength testing
  •  Architectural plan reviews and consulting
  • Shop drawing and submittal reviews
  • QA/QC roof and building envelope inspections
  • Infrared surveys
  • Roof moisture surveys/electrical impedance scans
  • Footing and foundations
  • Structural reinforced concrete
  • Tilt-up concrete inspections and testing
  • Structural steel – certified welding inspections
  • Non-destructive evaluations – level II ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle, and dye penetrant testing
  • Structural reinforced masonry inspections
  • Retaining walls
  • Fire stopping inspections
  • Spray applied fireproofing testing
  • Soils and density testing
  • Concrete and resistivity testing
  • Aggregates testing
  • Mortar, grout and asphalt testing
  • Locate and designate unknown buried utilities
  • Determine depth-to-bedrock 
  • Find deep voids and sinkholes
  • Evaluate karst geology conditions
  • Delineate old landfills and trash backfill
  • Create underground as-built drawings and models
  • Resolve subsurface design clashes
  • Combine with above ground BIM models
  • Scan-to-BIM sensitive interior and exterior assets
  • Monitor vibration and noise

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