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Contour Engineering Wins Environmental Category in ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards for The Interlock Project

In the bustling heart of Atlanta, Georgia, lies West Midtown. Steeped in history yet undergoing a renaissance of development, this area has seen remarkable transformation over recent years. Among its many architectural marvels and revitalized spaces, one project stands out: The Interlock. Recognized for its groundbreaking approach to environmental and geotechnical challenges, Contour Engineering, a UES Company, has earned the prestigious first place in the environmental category for the Engineering Excellence Awards presented by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) in Georgia for their work on the project.

The Interlock Phase 1 Mixed-Use Development, nestled at the corner of Howell Mill Road and 14th Street, was once a neglected industrial site that presented significant obstacles to redevelopment due to environmental contamination and geotechnical complexities. However, Contour Engineering, working alongside SJC Ventures, devised creative solutions to address these challenges, with the vision aiming to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding neighborhood while offering a vibrant mix of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. With over 300,000 square feet of office space, restaurants, shops, 350 apartment units, 36 townhomes, and a boutique hotel.

Through meticulous planning and collaboration with various stakeholders, Contour Engineering implemented a range of strategies, from risk reduction standards to engineered controls, to mitigate environmental risks while facilitation construction. As construction commenced, Contour Engineering remained at the forefront, providing comprehensive environmental, geotechnical, and materials testing services. From managing hazardous material to overseeing groundwater treatment systems, their expertise ensured that The Interlock project adhered to the highest environmental standards throughout its development.

Contour Engineering’s work on The Interlock project exemplifies the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and community revitalization. Their recognition by ACEC in Georgia is not just a testament to their technical expertise but also a celebration of their commitment to creating spaces that enrich lives and safeguard the environment.


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