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Commerical Building Property Inspections

UES specializes in commercial building and code compliance, from offices, high rise condos, 50+ unit apartment buildings, warehouses, and more. When you need a commercial building inspection, consult us for commercial code permitting, compliance consulting, and commercial plan reviews. We are aware that commercial projects can be completed over a time frame ranging from weeks to years, and will work with your building plan to ensure your construction is code-compliant and will be certified to occupy. 

Our commercial building inspections includes the following services: 

  • Weekly visits with building code officials to review works in progress, or specially schedules visits depending on smaller job scopes 
  • Footer, foundations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, insulation, fire suppression, accessibility, sub-slab construction inspections, reviews and approvals of special inspections, above ceiling inspections, and final Use & Occupancy approvals. 
  • Certifying use and occupancy, in compliance with local codes 

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