The Building Department of the City of Belle Isle performs a variety of services to protect, maintain and develop an attractive, safe and healthy community.

UES is the contracted provider of these services for the City of Belle Isle. Please fill out the attached permit application(s) that applies/apply to your project(s) and have it/them signed and notarized (if required). After the application(s) is/are complete, please email it/them to COBIpermits@UniversalEngineering.com for a prompt review. A response documenting your request will be issued to the sender email address within 24 hours.


If we do not already have your registration paperwork on file, please submit your state and local licenses, General Liability Certificate of Insurance and Worker’s Comp Certificate of Insurance (or a copy of your exemption) with your permit application. The certificate holder box (in the lower left of the insurance certificate) MUST be made out as follows: City of Belle Isle, 1600 Nela Avenue, Belle Isle, FL 32809.

Common Permit Applications: 

The most commonly used permit applications are provided in the sidebar column of this page. Click the link to download a PDF copy. You may type directly on the form, save your completed copy, then email it OR print, hand write and fax the form back to us for immediate processing. (Email (contact) info is provided BELOW the list of forms and Fax (contact) info is provided ABOVE the list of forms.)


If you are applying for a roof permit or re-roof permit, please attach the print out of the Florida Product Approval and the Installation Instructions and send them along with your signed application. You can print out the required Florida product approval documentation at this website http://www.floridabuilding.org/pr/pr_app_srch.aspx. For new roofs or re-roofs, we require an in progress inspection and a final roof inspection. Since roof types vary, this is just an example of the types of inspections required and the general rule to follow is that no work should be covered up prior to a documented inspection.

For any other types of permit applications:

Please include any small drawings or explanation of work that you have. Please note that additional documents may be required as determined by the building official.

For larger projects that have sets of plans, please drop off at least two (2) sets of prints at our office along with the permit application. If you’re submitting plans larger than 11 inches by 17 inches, three (3) sets will be required.


A representative of UES will contact you as soon as your permit is ready for pick up. Payment is due upon receipt and is acceptable in the form of checks made payable to the “City of Belle Isle.” Master Card or Visa is also accepted. For credit card payment, please fill out the attached Credit Card Authorization Form and email or fax it to us prior to your visit in order to allow sufficient time for processing.

Once you have picked up your permit, please post it on the jobsite along with any stamped (approved) plans and Florida Product Approval documentation including the product installation instructions. When you are ready to schedule your inspection, please email your request to BIDscheduling@UniversalEngineering.com. Please include the date you would like the inspection, the address, the permit number, the type of inspection(s) required. Please be as specific as possible for example: “plumbing rough, roof deck nailing,” and be sure to include a contact name and phone number at the job site.

For next day inspections, please send your request by 3:00 p.m.

Contact information

3532 Maggie Boulevard
Orlando, Florida 32811

Phone: (407) 581-8161
Fax: (407) 581-0313

Permits Submittal:

Inspection Requests:

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (M-F)