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Technical Professionals

STRIVE to Learn, Develop and Grow! 

Are you ready to make a move that will build your skills, provide you with critical work experiences, and launch your career? Then look no further! Whether you’re joining us as an intern who’s ready to change the world, a recent grad who wants to do work that makes an impact, or a young leader on the rise, UES gives you real-world challenges with real-world opportunities to shape your career path. 

Changing the World for the Better 

At UES, we’re dedicated to providing solutions improve the environment. Our work addresses human and ecological health and promotes social and economic development. 

  • Cleaning up and rehabilitating contaminated lands and brownfields 
  • Improving drinking water quality 
  • Restoring wetlands and other ecosystems 
  • Designing flood control and flood prevention systems 
  • Helping corporations achieve their sustainability goals 
  • Planning and designing landfills 
  • Controlling air pollution to improve air quality 
  • Designing resilient structures for a changing climate