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About Us

UES is a privately held, rapidly growing engineering and consulting firm with nearly six decades of experience in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, building code compliance, threshold inspections and environmental consulting. With more than 3,600 professionals across 85 branches in high growth markets in the U.S., UES consults on projects of all sizes for public and private clients in industries ranging from transportation and healthcare to commercial, residential, and education.

Experienced and proven, UES is considered a pioneer of the industry and stands at the forefront of emerging technology and best practices. Our work includes public and private clients, as well as public-private partnerships, and consists of projects ranging from transportation and infrastructure to aviation and aerospace. Our engineers, geologists, certified inspectors, scientists, and drillers offer an unwavering commitment to excellence, approaching each project with the knowledge that precision, professionalism, and creative solutions are what drive success and cultivate enduring client relationships.

STRIVE - Our Core Values


As UES continues to grow, it’s critical that we have a defined set of values that guide us like a north star. These values need to demonstrate who we are as a company and what we believe. STRIVE stands for Safety, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Integrity, Value, and Excellence.

Safety - Safety for ourselves and others is a core value.  We are personally accountable to show up fit for duty, and all team members have the right and obligation to stop unsafe work. We believe that all accidents are preventable, and incident reporting is key for a learning culture.

Teamwork - We operate and win as one UES with an inclusive culture where each team member is valued, informed, and supported. We team with each other and customers to drive collaborative results.

Responsiveness - We are dedicated to understanding and serving our customers through reliable and responsive problem solving. We listen and are responsive to our fellow employees, ensuring we all have the support and resources needed to perform and grow.

Integrity - We are honest and respectful in all interactions with customers, team members, vendors, and partners. We build trust by doing what we say and following through on commitments. We are committed to our social contract to support safe, quality, and environmentally sustainable outcomes for the communities we serve.

Value - For our customers, we strive to deliver expert, consistent, exceptional value through innovative processes. For our team members, we offer benefits, training, and career growth opportunities to create ongoing value.

Excellence - We deliver exceptional results to customers that anticipate and exceed their expectations. We hold ourselves to high standards of performance and quality in all we do with and for our customers, stakeholders and each other.


To lead the industry as we ensure the safety, integrity, and sustainability of our community's land and structures from development to redevelopment.

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